Up until now, I’ve always had a pretty unhealthy relationship with desire. Desire was something to be ashamed of. If I truly wanted something, I felt embarrassed about it – I resisted it. Pushed it away. Attempted to talk myself out of it.

I’m only just starting to understand why.

Just recently, I’ve been struck by a realisation that I have a very subtle underlying belief that tells me – ‘you can’t have what you want’. I’ve honestly believed that if I truly give myself permission to want something, that automatically means I won’t get it. Therefore it’s best to pretend I don’t want anything.

I’ve kept my wants and desires hidden away. Like they are dirty. Something to be ashamed of.

Which is crazy.

How can I live an outrageous, juicy, on the edge, adventurous life if I’m not even willing to own what I want? What would life look like if I really OWNED everything that I desired?

I’ve been reading The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte – and it’s given me a completely new perspective on what I desire.

What if instead of resisting what I wanted, I actively channelled that energy into bringing those dreams to life? What would life look like then?

I’m under no illusions that I already live an amazing life. I wake up every morning and do a job that I love, I have opportunities to travel the world as well as Australia, I’m surrounded by extraordinary people and the world is my oyster.

And, I want more.

It’s time to step into it fully – to practice gratitude for what I already do have, and to completely own what it is that I want.

So in honour of that, I’ve created a Declaration of Desire. I’m doing to this in order to give the finger to that belief inside of me that says if I own what I want, I can’t have it. I call bullshit.

My Declaration of Desire.

I want One Girl to be the most successful female focused non profit organisation in the entire world. I want to educate 1 million girls across Africa by 2020 and inspire thousands of people to join me on that mission. I believe the fastest way to do that is to set up One Girl in America. And I WANT to live in America. 

I want One Girl to change the world. In fact, I want to change the world. I want to change the lives of the women and girls that we work with, and also the lives of all the amazing people who support our mission. I want everyone who comes in contact with us to leave feeling like anything that they want is possible. I want them to create miracles in their own life.

I want to feel ecstatic, joyful and happy on my own. I want to know deep down, to my very core that I am a wonderful, worthy, desirable, lovable human being. I want to trust myself, fully accept myself, have the ability to set good boundaries and to honour myself every single day. Self-love. Self-care. Self-awesomeness. I want to feel whole, complete and perfect.

Once I’ve done that for a while, I want an extraordinary relationship. I want a relationship where I feel safe to be the fullest expression of me. I want to be open, honest, transparent and fully myself. I want a relationship where I’m drawn to be a better human being. Two independent people coming together and making magic – to make the world a better place. An adventurer, visionary, crazy ass, living life on the edge, mission driven change maker. Each with our own vision, our own mission and total respect for that. We support each other, build each other up and always give the other person space to follow their dreams.

I want to own who I am. All parts of me. The good, the bad, the ugly. 100% self acceptance.

I want to feel wealthy and abundant. I want to have enough money to live comfortably and to travel internationally at least 5 times a year (at least 2 of those are holidays). I want enough money to easily support the family I sponsor in Sierra Leone. I want abundance. Flow. Ease. Grace. I want to be insanely generous and give to the people that I love.

I want to feel radiant. I want to dance every morning and spend time outside. I want to eat food that nourishes my body and to spend time with trees. I want to run, play basketball, do yoga, Barre, pilates, and be a bouncy ball of energy, joy and fun.

I want a support network of amazing people. Friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. I want to feel supported, safe, loved and cared for. I wanted to be surrounded by people who are the best in the world at what they do. I want to be inspired. I want to connect with world leaders and have something bigger and grander to aspire too. I want to be surrounded by excellence. I want to find my tribe.

I want to feel alive in my life. When I die, I want to know that I’ve given absolutely everything I can to lead a truly extraordinary life. A life that I love.

I want adventure, love, freedom, joy, happiness, flow, radiance, to live life on the edges, fun, openness, honesty, inspiration and radical awesomeness. I want to feel sexy, sensual, alive, desirable, feminine, juicy, shakti, fierce, outrageous and completely FREE. I want growth, transformation and independence.

This is what I want. This is what I desire. So universe, come at me bro. I’m ready.

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And now it’s your turn.

What do you desire? What have you been hiding away and keeping from the world? What is it time to own and be proud of? What do you want?

Write your own declaration or share in the comments below.

Ps. I’m want to add that practicing gratitude is just as important as declaring desire. When I read through this declaration, I’m thrilled to see that I have already created a lot of this in my life. Each day I take the time to appreciate that. But we must also appreciate what is next for us. What’s coming. What we yearn for.

2 thoughts on “A Declaration of Desire. How do you get what you want? Own it. Ask for it.

  1. “I want to feel alive in my life. When I die, I want to know that I’ve given absolutely everything I can to lead a truly extraordinary life. A life that I love”. I want this too and when I die, I want to look back without regrets…

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